About GFD

GFD is a composer of instrumental music. The name is derived from “Green Field Development” – though it should really be greenfield development, but then the name didn’t work so well.

It’s essentially about starting afresh, after years of writing music that you wouldn’t sit down and listen to, let alone get up and dance to.


Way, way back in September 1995… I wrote my first proper song, called “Waiting for the Sun”. It’s a bit basic.

Fast-forward to 2005. I had a pile of about 100 unfinished tracks. Tired of never finishing anything, I wanted enough tracks for an album. Over the next few years, I put together five albums, before taking a break in 2009.

In 2016, I decided to start music again under a new artist name – “GFD”. I did three more albums, then a remix album, before writing two more albums under my own name. Eleven in total. (Album 10 was called “Ten”, in case anyone lost count.)

It took me until 2020 to have another go. I had a go at mastering one of my tracks, added some basic artwork, and uploaded it to stores. The track was approved, and it hit streaming services on September 18th, 2020. My first proper release. Counting from 1995, it only took 25 years!

A truly epic journey… and the debut track was the aptly-titled Epic Journey. But the journey is only just starting. You can see the latest releases in the Catalogue.

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