Mind the Gapnew! Released 5th April 2024

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Singles and EPs: 2023

Singles and EPs from 2023 are split into two short playlists.

Soundcloud: Singles 2023, part 1 – tracks 1-7

Soundcloud: Singles 2023, part 2 – tracks 8-13

Tracks 1-6 appear on the album Distant Destinations. Tracks 8-10 appear on the album Mind the Gap. Tracks 7, and 11-13 are singles/EP only.

Track numberTrack titleRelease
1Nobody Understands JeremyNobody Understands Jeremy
3Antarctic SunAntarctic Sun
4Down With ItDown With It
5Won’t Give UpMash
6Lost Somewhere UndergroundAntarctic Sun
7Last DanceDown With It
8What I WantWhat I Want
9Just One ThingJust One Thing
10Watch Me Walk AwayWatch Me Walk Away
11Epic Journey (Remix)Epic Journey 2023
12Tonic (Remix)Epic Journey 2023
13Master PlanMaster Plan

Singles and EPs: 2020-22

We’ve compiled a playlist of all the singles and EPs released between 2020 and 2022.

Soundcloud playlist link

Track numberTrack titleRelease
1The Last TrainThe Last Train EP
2Seventy FiveThe Last Train EP
3Seventh RoadSeventh Road
4Chasing CometsChasing Comets EP
5Event HorizonChasing Comets EP
6TonicNight Sessions EP
7An Evening in FebruaryNight Sessions EP
8Dreamlight StateNight Sessions EP
9Midnight DiscoNight Sessions EP
10Lost HighwayNight Sessions EP
11Retro NightsNight Sessions EP
12Turn it UpTurn it Up EP
13Saturday GrooveTurn it Up EP
14FirefliesTurn it Up EP
15Late Summer FunkTurn it Up EP
16When the World KnowsTurn it Up EP
17Legacy LayersNovember Dawn EP
18November DawnNovember Dawn EP
20Epic JourneyEpic Journey